Finding a decent job after finishing university can be difficult enough in today’s world, and graduates who tend to be lacking in work experience, work etiquette and knowing the unwritten rules of the office, often blow their first job through ignorance, and not knowing what is expected of them.

Although this has proven to be the case for many unsuspecting graduates, it does not have to be the case, and by following 5 simple rules, graduates can improve their chances of making a success of that first vital job.

Not dressing appropriately

Graduates often do not know that they cannot go to work wearing the same clothes that they do to college. Ripped jeans and dirty sneakers may be the thing to wear at college, but they do not go down well in the work environment, unless of course the graduate is based onsite and not in an office environment.

Not turning off cellphones or electronic devices

The constant ringing of a cellphone or buzzing of texts can be annoying at work. Graduates need to remember that they are being paid to work, and spending time texting or on personal calls does not go down well. Nobody in the office is interested in hearing about relationship issues, or what happened at a party the night before, and who has the biggest hangover.

Spending time doing non work related things at work

The filing of nails, or reading the latest glossy magazine at the desk is never a good idea, if graduates have nothing to do, they should ask for work, or spend time learning about the company and improving their skills, or if nothing else fails try to look busy, but they must never spend their time doing non work related stuff.

Letting their personal life interfere with their work

Graduates are often under huge pressure, jobs are limited and many have student loans they have to pay off. Many are having personal issues such as relationship issues, all tough to have to contend with. However it’s important for graduates to leave their personal life at home, and when at work, concentrate on work. Crying at work over a break up, or arguing on the phone with their significant other, is not going to go down well in the work place.

Not taking the initiative or asking questions

Being proactive and asking questions is always a good idea in the work place, and will ensure that the graduate gets noticed. Graduates are not expected to know everything in an entry level or graduate job. For this reason it is important to learn to ask for help when needed and to take the initiative. Graduates that are proactive, and who get up and walk across the hall and ask their boss if there is anything he or she needs help with, will make a great first impression.

No company is going to expect graduates to know everything and to make no mistakes, making mistakes in a first job is inevitable, however by following these simple rules, graduates may help avoid some of the more common mistakes, that could sabotage their chances of making a success of their first job.



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