Those involved in the hiring process get to see a lot of resumes over their careers, and so get to see all sorts of resumes, some good, some shocking, and many that contain mistakes that job seekers make over and over on their resumes, that can be just plain annoying.

Some of the top 6 most annoying mistakes on resumes, that seem to crop up time after time, have to include the following:

Typos and grammatical errors

This has to be one of the most annoying mistakes that job seekers make on their resumes. There is really no excuse for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, with a spell check at hand, these annoying mistakes are so easily avoidable.


Sloppiness on a resume is just plain frustrating; it shows a lack of attention to detail and really creates a bad impression. Small things such as ensuring the formatting of a resume is correct, or that the font used is consistent, or that the information included is updated and accurate, are all ways to avoid these annoying mistakes that can cost you the job.

Too long winded

A resume should be a summary of what you can do, and it must not be too long. No recruiter has time or the interest in reading reams and reams of information that is not relevant. Keep your resume short and to the point. Two to three pages are enough.

 Lack of detail on relevant information

Employers want to know a couple of things, mainly what qualifications you have, where you have worked, how much experience you have and what skills you have. They want the details. When including your employment history in your resume, include details such as how long you were in a position, what your job title was and a description of what your duties were.

 Incorrect or outdated contact details

This should be a no-brainer, however it is amazing how many job seekers forget to update their contact details when it changes, or make errors when including it. How are you going to find a job if the recruiters cannot even get hold of you? This is such an easily avoidable mistake.

Using “made up, over the top” job titles for your positions 

Having fancy over the top made up job titles, may sound very important, but be careful of this practice. These job titles can create huge confusion and recruiters can be left in the dark as to what you role actually is. Stick to the basics. Sometimes less is better.

Your resume is the one tool that you have to wow a recruiter, and make a great first impression. It is your key to opening the door to that first interview, where you will be given the opportunity to really show what you are made of. For this reason it is vital to get it right first time with your resume, so always ensure you avoid these highly annoying avoidable resume mistakes.

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