Are workers based in Australia, working in the mining industry earning more? Well according to a recent report done in Australia, it appears that blue collar workers earn an average of $1229 per week, which is a record $144 more than those working behind a desk.

It also appears, that those working in the Mining and Utilities industries, topped the wage list, courtesy of the mining boom in Australia, with some workers in these industries earning $2200 per month. So it appear that if you are working and living in Australia and happen to be working in the mining industry, that you will be earning more than many other folk in Australia.

But how do mining professionals in Australia fair, in comparison to other mining professionals in other regions?

According to the results of our salary survey, it seems that if you are working in Australia and are in the mining industry, there is a good chance that you will be earning substantially more than your counterparts in both Canada and the USA.

The graph is produced from the results of our mining salary survey, for Mining Engineers with 1 – 5 years of experience. According to our data, Australians in the mining industry are way up there, in the salary stakes!

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  1. Shaun Gage

    Mining Professionals in Aus may be earning slightly more but I believe if you compare disposable income after basic needs expenses they are possibly slightly behind. I lived and worked in Perth WA and a typical house would cost between $800k to $1M and a comparable house in Can or US even in mining towns which tend to be more expensive would be $400k to $500, and these high prices are caused by the mining and oil & gas boom. Food, drink and fuel have similar ratios however not quite as bad.


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