Are you in mining and dreaming of working in Australia, the promised land, also known as the land of milk and honey? But have no idea how to fulfill this dream? If so you may want to look into the 187 visa.

The 187 visa, which is also known as a RSMS visa, is a permanent residence visa for skilled workers who want to work in regional Australia.

If you are wondering what regional Australia is, it basically includes all of the towns, small cities and areas that lie beyond the major capitals cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra.

So if you want to move to one of the bigger more cosmopolitan places in Australia, this may not be the right option for you. However if regional Australia appeals to you, then this visa may be an option for you, and you  may want to have a look at the new list for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa (RSMS) in order to see if you will qualify in terms of skill level. This new list came into effect on the 18th March 2018.

The purpose of this list is to provide needed skills to regional Australia. There are 465 occupations on this list, some in mining. It is not as simple as it sounds and in order to qualify you do need to have been nominated by an Australian employer who is based in regional Australia, you also need to be under 45 years old, be able to speak English and have the necessary skill level and qualification required. You would also have to meet certain health requirements and have no criminal record.

There is also a fairly substantial cost involved in obtaining this visa, but the good news is that it is permanent. Another positive is that you can also  include your partner and children and / or your partners children in the application for this visa.

For more information on this process and whether you could qualify go to Australian Government Department of Home Affairs

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