Debra Stirling, the Mining and Resource Advisory, Council chair, at Monash University, says that there is a looming skills shortage for mining engineers as companies are transforming the way they mine for resources in Australia.

“Automation and digital technologies are modernising the industry. While this is impacting workers on the front line, such as truck drivers, engineers are very much in demand for mining projects. The challenge for industry is that there isn’t a solid pipeline of graduate mining engineers, which is leading to a serious skills shortage.

“We are getting numerous industry calls begging for graduates and could have placed all of our 2017 graduates many times over. As a result, they are among the highest paid graduates and their industry employment rate is almost 100%,” said Debra.

Enrollments for engineering degrees in Australia in recent years have plummeted. Because of the downturn in mining in recent years, students when considering career options in engineering have become nervous of mining. Because of its boom and bust cycle, they are worried as they think they will not be able to find a job. However, the reality is that mining is vital to the Australian economy and  their will always be a demand for mining engineers.

Australia has some great universities where students can study mining engineering, including Monash University. When considering their careers, students interested in engineering, should not be nervous of mining engineering.

Apart from the obvious benefits such as highly competitive salaries, working in an exciting industry, where you would have a versatile career and getting to see the world, the benefits of becoming a mining engineer are immeasurable.

Magin Torres who studied at the University of Chile said “I’ve been in virgin beaches, being alone at night watching the stars in the driest desert in the world, eaten cuy (Guinea Pig) in a town located in the Peruvian Andes mountains and drove under a massive thunderstorm in one of the most dangerous highways in central Brazil. And because you will have to work with foreigners, I’ll think it’s a perfect opportunity to immerse within the local culture and to practice or learn new languages. So, I think I’ve never would have the chance to travel to these places if I hadn’t studied Mining Engineering”.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

So if you are good at math and science, love problem solving, have an interest in natural resources, love fixing things and working out how things work, have a sense of adventure and love the outdoors, then you should really consider a career as a mining engineer.

2 Responses to “Australia mining sector crying out for graduate mining engineers”

  1. Ranveer

    I am mining engineer not find any job in these days. Really very bad time of my life I am passing in these days. I work in mining industry for + 20 yr in various part of world now sitting home no work very much disturbing. If any one have any job please contact.

    • Susan Kihn

      Hi Ranveer. Sorry to hear that life is such a struggle. Have you posted your resume onto Careermine? If not I suggest you do. We at careermine are not actively involved in the recruitment process with any of the recruiters on our site, but rather provide a service for companies to advertise their positions on careermine. If you are actively looking for a job in the mining industry, you may register on our website and post your resume. Your resume will then become searchable though our database and visible to the recruiters on our site. This service is for free. Please follow this link if you wish to proceed, in order to register.

      Once you have completed the above you can go to and select “my resume” or click on the link below in order to post your resume, by doing so your resume will be visible to the recruiters on our site. This service is for free:

      You may also Feature your resume which will ensure that your resume stays close to the top of the list and you will have a better chance of being contacted by a company. It is also highlighted and edited. The cost for 6 months is Can$80.00

      You can also do job searches, without a job access subscription you will be able to respond to some of the jobs on the site but not all of them, should you wish to be able to respond to all of the jobs on the site, you will need to take out a job access subscription. This costs $14.00 a month. Please follow this link should you wish to proceed:

      You may also want to consider establishing your profile in mining, you can do so via the below link:

      Good luck with this, remember perseverance normally always pays off eventually, so keep looking and trying and hopefully a great job will come up for you at some stage. Regards. Susan.


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