The role of a Safety Coordinator within mining can differ tremendously depending on a number of factors including in what region the company is based, but as a norm a Safety Consultant within mining will be responsible for assisting the Safety Manager around various aspects related to safety in mining.

If you want to become a Safety Coordinator you first need to determine if this is a career that would be a good fit for your skills, interests and personality. Most importantly Safety Coordinators in mining need to have a very good knowledge and understanding of mining safety and environmental laws, and the rules and regulations that go along with them.

They also need to be able to identify potential dangers and be able to take the necessary measures to correct them and to be able to ensure that employees are compliant with safety rules and regulations. Mining can be an extremely dangerous industry to work in, and for this reason Safety Coordinators play a vital role in mining.

What qualifications do you need to become a Safety Coordinator?

Depending on where you are living, the qualifications required can vary, however you typically would need a diploma or a degree in occupational health and safety, or a closely related field.

What duties will a Safety Coordinator in mining perform?

  • Provide technical safety support and information to mining maintenance and operations
  • Assist in the development, and upgrading of work procedures
  • Prepare written safety programs and policies for the mining operations
  • Develop and maintain annual company safety goals and objectives
  • Promote safety awareness through specific training programs and internal channels such as newsletters, or company memorandum
  • Assist in the planning, organizing and implementing of safety programs
  • Conducts safety and compliance inspection of facilities, camps, drilling rigs etc.
  • Inform management and staff of any new government regulations applicable
  • Attend pre job safety meetings and conduct inspections
  • To prepare and conduct emergency response exercises to ensure that the staff are prepared for emergencies
  • To assist with audit  and record of mines to ensure compliance with company programs and government regulations

What type of person do you need to be?

  • Have an extremely high regard and respect for safety rules and regulations
  • Not partake in risky behavior
  • Have a keen interest n occupational health and safety
  • Must be honest and have a high level of integrity
  • Be able to proactively identify and prevent hazardous situations
  • Should have an aptitude for leadership
  • Good time management skills and work ethic
  • Good communications skills both written and verbal
  • Must enjoy the outdoors and have a love and passion for the mining industry

What factors affect the salaries that Safety Coordinators in mining can expect to earn?

Salaries can vary tremendously depending on a number of factors. Including:

  • The level of education obtained
  • The amount of experience obtained
  • What region the job is situated
  • The size of the company

 What type of salary can you expect to earn as a Safety Coordinator in mining in Canada?

As mentioned above the salaries can vary tremendously, however according to our recent Salary Survey, Safety Coordinators in Canada are earning on the 25%ile $77,000, a median of $100,000 and on the 75%ile $118,750. Please keep in mind that these figures are based entirely on the results of those that have completed our salary survey.



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