The Health and Safety Manager in any mining company, is responsible for removing any hazardous materials or conditions in the workplace, to maintain the safety of the company’s employees. They are also responsible for managing employees and ensuring that they are following the correct safety standards, policies and procedures, put in place by the company. The health and safety of a company’s employees is taken very seriously by mining companies, with it generally being their number one priority. For this reason, those considering a career in the mining industry and more specifically in health and safety, need to have an impeccable work ethic, and a commitment to all aspects regarding health and safety. They also need to have tremendous integrity and honesty.

So what do Health and Safety Managers in the mining industry do?

Health and Safety Managers will develop and coordinate safety and health systems and strategies. They will be responsible for designing and maintaining all safety and health regulations within the company. They will identify workplace hazards, and risks to employee health and safety, and recommend solutions around these issues.

This can include anything from the safe operation of heavy equipment, to the handling of chemicals, as well as ensuring the proper fire drill procedures are adhered to. The Health and Safety Manager will ensure the company is aware of, and complies with all health and safety legislation relevant to its industry. A Health and Safety Manager will be involved in the management and investigation of any accidents that may happen.

They will also be involved in the investigation of unsafe working conditions. It will be up to the Health and Safety Manager to implement and coordinate all emergency procedures, including fire fighting and mine rescues. The Health and Safety Manager will be involved in the development and implementing of training sessions for management and workers on all aspects around safety practices and legislation. They will also be responsible for the implementation of policies, procedures and manuals. Writing reports is a major part of a Health and Safety Managers job, where every work site evaluation and any changes, measures implemented etc. must be recorded in detail.

What type of salary can you expect to earn as a Health and Safety Manager depending on which region you are working in?

Health and Safety Managers generally earn competitive salaries in all industries. However in mining, they earn particularly competitive salaries, given the importance of their roles in mining operations. According to the preliminary results of our salary survey, if you are working in mining, as a Health and Safety Manager, with a minimum of 10 years’ experience and are based in Canada, you can expect to earn on the 25%ile $103 000,00 a median of $120 000,00 and on the 75%ile $137 000,00. In the USA, Health and Safety Managers with 10 years plus experience, can expect to earn slightly more with around $120 000,00 on the 25%ile, a median of $129 000,00 and on the 75%ile $150 000,00. Those in Australia are earning the most, with those with 10 years plus experience, earning around $198 000,00 on the 25%ile, a median of $264 000,00 and $286 000,00 on the 75%ile. We have established that salaries in Australia are significantly higher than the other regions, not just in health and safety, because of the fact that the cost of living is substantially higher.

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  1. Alex Santiago

    Hi! This is a very informative and inspiring article to all mining and non-mining professionals. I value it and hope to read some. Cheers!

  2. Walter Insch

    Your article certainly inspires me to reconsider my interest in Workplace Health and safety. I am a canadian trained millwright. I am presently engaged in the Coal Seam gas industry in Australia, with a background in mining process, mainly in gold production. I am passionate in training nationals in mainly developing countries with the aspect of safety on the job along with guidence and training on how to do the job, as I have worked in ,many third world countries in heavy industry where a safety manager or safety officer is absolutely essential. Might consider this avenue. Thanks…………..


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