The mining industry is generally one of the highest paid industrial sectors worldwide, and this is especially prevalent in countries, such as Canada and Australia. The mining industry is a hugely diverse industry that offers positions across the board. And the good news is that you don’t have to be an engineer to work in the mining industry, there are positions for tradesmen such as electricians, welders, carpenters, mechanics and boilermakers. Then there are the positions for operators, drivers, miners, blasting crews and machine operators. There are also positions for engineers, geologists, environmental and safety candidates, as well as for health care professionals, accounting staff, human resources, IT professionals, chefs….. And so the list goes on and on.

However before you start the process of trying to break into this diverse, exciting industry, there are a couple of things that you should consider first.

Firstly, it is important to keep in mind that mining jobs are not just found anywhere; mining jobs are found in the mining areas of countries involved in mining. So if you are not currently living in a country or area that has mining, depending on what career you want to pursue in mining, there is a chance you will have to relocate. This in itself can be a huge process, and needs to always be thought through very carefully. Mines are not always located in the most glamorous areas either. Relocating is however, not always a prerequisite, as many mines have their offices located in cities, but these positions are going to be for the more administrative roles. The technical roles will be onsite.

The more technical roles in the mining industry generally will require somebody who is in good general physical and mental health. Mines also tend to be on the go around the clock, so there is a chance that if you are wanting to become a miner, that you will be required to work shifts.

There are safety risks, and depending on the type of work in mining, it can be considered dangerous work. For this reason one has to have a very positive, mature approach to safety, as working in mines can be dangerous, particularly for those working underground.
However on the upside, jobs in the mining industry pay exceptionally well. Regardless of whether you are a geologist, an accountant, a mechanic or a chef, the chances are that you will be better paid than in any other industries. Salaries in the mining industry can range from around $40.000 to $270,000 or more, per annum, depending on the candidates experience and qualifications.

There is also tremendous opportunity for growth and training within the industry. Many mining jobs offer training, and keep their staff very up to date with new skills. For those living on site, the mining companies will generally also pay for all food and accommodation whilst on site.

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Mining companies do seem to generally prefer to employ candidates with previous experience, or relevant qualifications, but they will still hire candidates who have transferrable skills, and at times candidates with no skills, but the right attitude, who they will train. There are also generally long periods off, creating the opportunity to pursue other interests during the time off.

So with salaries of well over a thousand dollars a year being extremely achievable, it’s no wonder people are taking this change in direction with their careers, and heading off into the remote areas worldwide to make their fortunes….

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