If you work in mining you have some idea as to how lucrative it can be financially, and engineers, geologists and other technical professionals working in mining in Canada are renowned to earn more than many of those in other industries in Canada. However do those in more finance type jobs such as accountants earn as favorably in mining?

It is important to remember whenever looking at salaries that they vary tremendously depending on various other factors including where in Canada the accountant is based, qualification and level of responsibility.

So what are accountants in mining in Canada currently earning?

According to the latest results from our salary survey, accountants in mining with less than 5 years experience in Canada are earning between  CAD 45,500 and CAD 75,000 with a median of CAD 59,000. Accountants in Canada with 5 – 10 years experience are earning between CAD 65,000 and CAD 87,000 with a median of CAD 77,600  and accountants in Canada with more than 10 years are earning between CAD 75,000 and CAD 100,000 with a median of CAD 92,500.

Accounting salaries in mining in Canada

There are accountants earning substantially more, especially those in more senior or management roles, that have more responsibility and that work longer hours at certain times of the year, such as the end of the financial year or during tax season.

These figures appear to be relatively higher than what accountants in many other industries in Canada are currently earning.

For those considering a career in mining it is important to keep in mind that the mining industry is expected to face a challenging time over the next 10 years, as one of the biggest challenges Canada’s mining industry is currently facing is its ability to be able to establish a sustainable supply of labor due to the industry being so volatile.

The volatility in recent years has made it an industry that some job seekers are wary of, as they are looking for stability, and accountants were not left unscathed with the downturn in mining some years back.

Canada also has an aging population which is going to have a significant impact on its mining workforce, with many workers in mining reaching retirement age, which will be creating much needed opportunities within the industry for new talent.

There will always be a demand for accountants and as businesses across the board face more scrutiny and stricter regulations in many regions, there will always be jobs for accountants.

So if mining is an industry you may be considering, salaries are as a whole highly competitive, and excitement guaranteed.

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