Environmental Engineers are not your typical Engineers. Their worlds stretch far beyond the confines of mathematics and physics. The work of an Environmental Engineer will also entail a firm understanding of areas such as chemistry, biology and an in depth knowledge of the environmental law. An Environmental Engineer will basically use engineering skills to protect the environment and human health. For this reason the type of person attracted to this industry is often not your typical Engineer either. The demand for environmental engineering has also grown in the past few decades. Industrial projects require environmental engineers to ensure adherence to environmental regulations, which is particularly relevant to the mining industry.

I thought it would be interesting to get a comparison to see how Environmental Engineers are fairing salary wise in comparison to other Engineers in the mining industry, such as Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Mining Engineers and Metallurgical Engineers.

According to the results of recent salary survey it seems that Environmental Engineers in Canada who are new to the industry or who have less than 5 years’ experience, earn a fair amount less than other Engineers in the mining industry, with an average of $55 630 per annum, base pay. According to those who took our salary survey, the average salary for other Engineers with less than 5 years’ experience is well over $ 70 000 per annum, base pay. However it seems that once Environmental Engineers in Canada has a couple of years work experience, that they can expect their salaries to catch up very quickly, and it seems that once they have more than five years’ experience, that  they are earning as much as Mining Engineers and Chemical Engineers.

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