I have had many inquiries from students studying Geology, or those considering studying Geology, wanting to know whether it is worth their while doing a Masters, once they have completed their Bachelors in Geology.

From what I can see, a Masters in Geology degree is required for major professional entry level positions, however having a Bachelors in Geology degree should be enough for certain entry level positions. However as is the norm across all industries, generally the best jobs will go to the best qualified applicants.

Salaries can also be dependent on this, and for graduates starting out they can find that the better qualified they are, the more they can expect to earn. Salaries also vary tremendously from region to region so your salary will be affected by where you are working. Salaries are also dependent on the company you work for, with some companies paying significantly more than others. One also needs to take the company benefits that have been offered into consideration. There are also other factors that need to be taken into consideration, such as your negotiation skills. Some job seekers are just better at negotiating a higher salary than others. I have seen some really highly qualified professionals over the years who are earning very low salaries, simply because they have not opted to ask for more.

So do Geologists who have completed a Master, earn much more than those with just a Bachelors?

According to the data from our salary survey, Canadian Geologists with 5 or less years’ experience, who have studied a Master’s Degree, are earning slightly more than those with just a Bachelors. However the difference in salary is not that significant. The difference was slightly higher in those on the 75%ile, than on the lower end of the scale.

From what I can see, the main difference between Geologists who have completed a Masters and those with just a Bachelor’s degree, is not going to be so much around what they will be earning, but rather around suitability for job openings. For many positions as a Geologist, you will need a master’s degree.

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  1. aaron lantau

    I love your topic here. As I search to expand my career options, I am finding your logic to be holding true. A statistic I wouldn’t mind seeing compared with the ones you have provided would be the employment rate and pay scale of individuals holding a Certificate in Mine Studies compared to those with Masters degrees. I would be genuinely curious to see what range of success the certificate brings to job seekers.

    • Susan Kihn

      Hi Aaron, thank you for the positive feedback. I will certainly see if I can find some figures to give you a comparison. Regards. Susan.

  2. tushar

    Hello Susan!
    Thank you for posting this. From talking to my teachers, I believe there is a decent living in this field. People get to see different parts of the world and have a life close to nature- truly amazing. Maybe that is what makes all the hard work worthwhile.

    • Susan Kihn

      Hi Tushar, it is a great field to go into, and there is certainly a decent living to be made. Good luck!! I am sure that all the hard work will pay off!! Regards. Susan.

  3. Stephanie Britton

    There has recently been an increase in programs leading to these degrees in the United States; more than twice as many of such degrees are now awarded as compared to the 1970s. In Europe, there has been a standardisation of conditions to deliver the master’s degrees and most countries present degrees in all disciplines.”^^*

    Kind thoughts

  4. dusty306

    Hi Susan, disregard my other post in the other article, I got my answer from this one. Thanks for this! Valuable info! I’m really looking foward to starting my career in this field :)


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