Psychometric Tests

Love them, or hate them, psychometric tests are being used by a large amount of companies and organisations, as a way to help determine the suitability of potential employees to a specific role. The reality is that even if you have been fortunate enough not to have had to take a psychometric test in the past, at some stage during your work career you are going to be in the position where you are asked to take one. You need to keep in mind as well, that if you fail the psychometric tests, there is the chance that the company may decide based on the results, not to offer you the position. So never underestimate the importance of psychometric testing!

It is important as well to remember that psychometric tests are not about luck. Preparing in advance will improve your score significantly and make it a lot easier to focus on what is being looked for in the actual tests. The point of psychometric testing is to gain more information on you, in terms of your knowledge, your verbal and numerical reasoning, as well as what type of personality you are.

In order to get the best results possible in these tests, it is vital that you do some preparation beforehand. By doing so you can turn what can be a very daunting process into a positive experience, and to help ensure that you do not lose out on the job of your dreams, by doing badly in the psychometric testing.

For this reason it is important that you practice in advance. As soon as you are told that you are going to be needing to go for psychometric testing, start practicing. You can always ask the potential employer for samples of questions you can expect to be asked. Not all companies are able to provide you with this information, but if they can, and are willing to, it will give you a very good idea in terms of what you can expect.

There are a number of websites that have practice tests. If you click on the links below, it will take you to some examples that you can try :

Institute Of Psychometric Coaching
Job Test Prep
Free Resources About Ability Tests & Psychometric Assessments

When practicing, always remember to focus on your areas of weakness, if you are good at spelling and word association but weak numerically, rather concentrate on the parts of the test that you are weak at. Always work against a clock, and time yourself. Psychometric tests generally are timed, and you have to work quickly, so it’s important to practice working against a clock, as it can be daunting. By working against the clock, you will learn to be able to answer a lot of questions, in a short space of time.

If you find maths challenging, go over some of the basics. It is very easy to forget how to work out percentages, decimals, fractions, proportions etc. when you are not using them on a daily basis, so go over the basics rules of maths before the psychometric testing.

When doing the psychometric testing, don’t waste time on questions you are not sure of the answer for. Rather move on and answer all the questions you do know the answers for. You can always go back and try to ones you are battling with at the end, if you still have time left over. There is no point in wasting valuable time on a question that you are not going to get right, and then not having enough time left to complete questions that you would have been able to answer correctly.

Lastly regardless of whether you are successful in your job application or not, ask for some feedback on how you did in the psychometric testing. By doing so, will give you important information into not only your personality but as to where your strengths and weaknesses lie. It will also give you some idea as to where you went wrong, and what you need to do to prepare better for the next one!!

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