CareerMine offers job seekers globally the ideal opportunity to meet all their needs when looking for employment opportunities in the mining industry.  CareerMine provides the platform for job seekers to create a visible presence for themselves, as well as the opportunity to access thousands of mining jobs.

CareerMine offers job seekers the opportunity to network and liaise with the world’s top mining companies and recruiters and provides critical information related to employment in mining and assist job seekers on their journey and career development.

Post and enhance your resume

  • By registering and posting your resume on the site, you will be able to create an online presence, where you can showcase your mining skills and experience
  • Your resume will then become searchable through CareerMine’s extensive resume database
  • Featuring you resume indicates that you are a serious job seeker and your resume gets noticed first

Job Alerts

  • Why not sign up for job alerts? By doing so you will be able to keep yourself in the loop on what mining jobs are out there and you will receive job alerts from mining companies and recruiters worldwide, that match your criteria
  • Job alerts will not only save you time, but ensure you are the first to be informed when new mining positons become available

Student Jobs

  • Are you as student or graduate in mining? If so browse student, graduate, co-op and entry level jobs on CareerMine’s student and graduate portal
  • Our Student Job Board not only hosts numerous exciting mining job opportunities worldwide for students and recent graduates, but is also home to relevant information and advice to help you advance your careers in the world of mining and secure the job of your dreams

Job Vacancies

  • CareerMine is the world’s largest dedicated mining industry job board, and is the chosen job board by many of the leading mining companies and recruiters worldwide to post their vacancies
  • CareerMine provides you with the opportunity to search thousands of active mining jobs worldwide, including top engineering and geology jobs

News and Trends

  • Stay on top of the latest news and trends in Mining
  • The CareerMiner offers those in mining, valuable advice on aspects of career development and growth

Connect & Engage

  • Connect and engage with CareerMine through our different social media channels
  • Discover mining people on PeopleMine, connect with them and foster relationships with mining professionals

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