An Exploration Geologist is a person who uses their specialized knowledge of the earth’s surface to discover resources of value. This type of Geologist is used extensively in the mining industry. Exploration Geologists are highly qualified and sought after.

To become an Exploration Geologist will require an advanced degree in Geology. Many companies want Geologists with a number of years’ experience, so in order for new graduates to get a foot in the doorway, ideally you need to get some valuable practical work experience, through internships, summer jobs, or a co-op.

Exploration Geologists typically work long and irregular hours when doing fieldwork. An Exploration Geologist will generally spend nearly as much time outdoors as they will indoors. Outdoor work will include scoping out a site and studying rock formations on the surface, and possibly even supervising the drilling process.

Not everybody is suited to this profession, as Exploration Geologists are often required to spend many months away from home, based at very remote locations. So for those who have families, they may not get to see them very often.

However on the upside of things, along with this what can be harsh lifestyle, comes a salary that is well above the average of what other professionals will make.

So what sort of salary can Exploration Geologists in Canada expect to earn, depending on which province in Canada they are working in?

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  1. Alex Miranda

    I am Exploration Geologist of Peru, I have 07 years ago more experience, my questions is Can you please update me with the salary of an Exploration Geologist within Peru and other countries

  2. dusty306

    I will soon be graduating with a B.Sc in Geology. How is the job market right now for recent grads in the prairies? What type of salary can I expect when i first start? Do you recommend I pursue a Master’s degree in order to find work?


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