According to recent reports it appears that despite the downturn in mining, that Mining Managers in Canada are still earning highly competitive and lucrative salaries, and should be in the years ahead, very much in demand.

According to a recent article by Canadian Business, the salary growth for Mining and Forestry Managers in Canada has been +19% from 2009 – 2015. They also state that there are currently 11 700 employees currently working in these positions in Canada, and that the median salary is currently $104,000, which when compared to professionals in other industries, is highly competitive.

According to the Canadian Business Best Jobs ranking there are not many professions in Canada that are earning more than that of a Mining or Forestry Manager. Petroleum and Chemical Engineers came in slightly higher with a median of $104,998 and Economic Development Directors at $105,144, Senior Industrial Managers are currently earning a median of $106,662 and Health and Community Service Managers $104,541 which are all comparable.

Apart from the above however according to the Canada’s Best 100 Jobs, all the others professions listed in the top 100, earned less than Mining and Forestry Managers in Canada. What was also interesting to note was that the demand outlook, which is their estimated demand for employees in that category by 2021, was that Mining and Forestry Managers are going to be in high demand, with the outlook being that there should be more than 1 job available per job seeker by 2021.

It seems that the job outlook for some professionals in other industries is not as bright, with a job outlook of less than 1 job per job seeker for Financial Analysts, Actuaries and Statistical Officers.

Although salaries for Mining and Quarrying Supervisors are not as good as those for Mining Managers, as they have less experience, they also face good job prospects and long term security with a projection of more than 1 job available per job seeker by 2021.

Geologists, Geochemists and Geophysicists are earning a fair amount less at a median of $65,520, but the good news for these professionals is that their job outlook in Canada is also good, with a projection that by 2021 as with Mine and Forestry Managers, there will be more than 1 job available per job seeker.

Construction Inspectors, Mapping Technicians, Industrial Electricians, Heavy Construction Equipment Supervisors, Construction Managers, Mechanical Trades Supervisors, Construction Trades Supervisors and Health and Occupation Inspectors amongst others also look to have a good job outlook over the next few years, with it being projected that there will be more than 1 job available per job seeker by 2021.



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