When it comes to knowledge, we typically think of the theoretical and practical. Then there’s common sense – or what we often refer to as street smarts. The most rounded and successful individuals in mining tend to be those that have all three.

Street smarts provide you with a worldly common sense of how to operate in mining’s everyday life. A street smart individual listens, understands, operates and communicates with confidence.

You need to be street smart in mining to conduct efficient business in mining

To be street smart, you need to understand the players on the field. In mining terms, this would be a sound knowledge of the many key and current entities in mining, from the people, to the mines, to the disasters and events. To draw an analogy, if you are going to succeed in professional sports, you cannot only know the theory of the sport, you also need to know the current players, teams, influences, stadiums, rules, scores, and more.

And so how does one know if they are street smart or not. Well, most often they don’t – and that’s simply because we typically don’t know what we don’t know. A good way to gauge things, is to administer a challenge. The Street Smarts in Mining Challenge was created to assess an individual’s worldly knowledge of mining. It’s a 25 question timed online quiz that anyone can take at any time. The score distribution clearly indicates that on average, individuals may be operating in the industry without knowing some of the key and insightful information they should.

The Street Smarts in Mining Course was conceived and produced to fill this need in mining. The course provides an immediate boost to any individual in mining, on the periphery of mining, or just generally interested in mining. The course covers important producing mines, people in mining, mining companies, commodities, mining money, mining suppliers, mining equipment, the major mining events, mining regulation, schools, and more. By taking the course, you will be able to talk the talk and walk the walk of mining. What you learn in this short session, others take years to learn, or never end up learning at all.

If you want to drive your career rather than being driven, then get street smart. Get what few others have by taking the course. A planned and strategic approach to professional development is a key component of surviving and thriving in the competitive mining industry. Successful professional development has its roots in personal and professional responsibility – it’s a commitment to advance and improve.

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