In my many years of recruiting, and dealing with the unemployed and desperate, I have still managed to see a lot of very happy endings. Growing up and living in South Africa, which is a country riddled with mass unemployment and poverty, as a recruiter, you get to see it all!!

There is however one happy ending that will always stick in my mind, and that is of a young unemployed man that I interviewed for an IT role.

He was not the most qualified candidate for that particular role, actually out of all the candidates that I had interviewed for that particular role, he was the least qualified. He was 20 years old, and in a desperate position financially. At the time he had taken his life savings and invested them into completing an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), to get some sort of qualification behind his name, and a step in the door way. He was also living in his car with his brother, as they had no money, no home, and no family that they could turn to for help.

Even though he was the least qualified for the job, there was something about him, that really impressed me. And it wasn’t because I felt any more sorry for him, than I did the many other candidates I had seen in similar situations. Living in South Africa, you become relatively hardened to the poverty, and desperation you see around you, as it’s just everywhere. It was his attitude, and energy, and humble disposition that got my interest sparked. He just had the most amazing positive attitude, and love for life, and absolute passion for the IT industry, you just could not help but be drawn to him. Even though he had the least experience out of all the candidates that I had interviewed for this role, I put him forward for the position. I knew that he was going to get the job, before he even met my client, even though he was up against candidates who far out shone him in terms of experience and qualifications.

As I predicted, he got the job, based on his attitude, his energy and absolute love for everything to do with computers and life. I have kept in contact with this young man over the years, and he is now a Senior Manager working for one of the top international investment banks in South Africa. He earns a lot of money, but has never lost that “x factor” that draws people to him, and has made him the amazing success he is today.

Attitude is everything.

I have seen it time and time again, over the years. It is not always the most qualified or experienced person who gets the job, it’s often the one that the recruiter just has a great “gut feel” about….

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