Although there have been some signs that things may be stabilizing and starting to improve in the mining industry, the reality is that the job situation in mining is still precarious.

There are not a lot of jobs available and given the state of mining worldwide, it’s hard to tell when things are going to start improving. Redundancies have been on the rise in mining for some time now, and there have been many casualties in the industry when it comes to job losses.

Being made redundant is a bitter pill to swallow for anybody, but especially worrying if you are working in the mining industry, as jobs are so scarce and competition for the few jobs available is very fierce.

So what do you do if you lose your job?

Process your emotions

Losing your job can be one of the most difficult things a professional can face in their career. It’s imperative to deal with the emotions involved and to come to terms with the loss. Being made redundant is a massive loss and it is vital to be able to process your emotions in order to be able to focus all of your energies into finding a new job, and to be in a positive frame of mind when job hunting.

In an industry as tough as the mining industry, there is little time for those who have been made redundant to be spending time licking wounds and self-doubting. You need to develop a thick skin, be persistent, and to be prepared to have a number of doors slammed shut in your face when applying for jobs, and to learn not to take rejection personally.

Make the most of your spare time

Ensure you keep an active and healthy routine going. Ensure you get enough sleep, wake up early, get some exercise, and try to stay active. Sitting around moping is not going to find you a job, so try very hard to use your spare time proactively.

Do a self-assessment

Spend some time doing a self-assessment. Through this you will learn about your interests, personality, values and aptitudes. You can use this information to gain a good understanding of where you are in your life and your career, and can use the results to help ensure you are on the right track when job hunting.

During this period of unemployment:

• Set achievable goals, and work towards them
• Spend time on self-discovery and recognize your strengths and weaknesses
• Think about where you feel you excelled in your last job and where you didn’t
• Think of ways to improve the areas you are lacking in
• Think about what type of roles excite you and that you feel you would be able to do well at
• Ensure that your technical skills are relevant to the types of jobs you are applying for
• Consider studying further, if have the means, in order to give you that edge when applying for jobs

Really focus on your resume

The current job market in mining is bleak. Competition is fierce. Recruiters are inundated with resumes, and tend to spend no more than a few seconds looking at a resume, so you need to make sure your resume stands out.

Your first introduction to a potential job is through your resume, so you need to ensure you put your best foot forward. It is essential that your resume is the best it can be. If you are able to afford it, have it professionally written. You need to also tailor your resume for each job you are applying for. I cannot stress how important it is for your resume to be exceptional. For each job advertised recruiters are at times receiving literally hundreds of responses, so your resume needs to be able to stand out in the crowd, and be noticed.

Prepare for interviews

Never go into an interview blind. This is the one area you really can prepare for, and give yourself that edge over other job seekers. Before going into an interview always do some research into the company you are applying to, and what the job that you are being interviewed for involves. Find out who will be in the interview and what their role in the company is. Put pen to paper and prepare some really good relevant questions. Work on your communication skills. Ensure you are dressed appropriately and make sure you arrive on time for your interview.

Most importantly try to stay positive and believe in yourself.


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