When times are tough, some employers can be inclined to make their employees feel that they are lucky to be employed and must put up with whatever is dished out to them.  This attitude may be tolerated whilst times are tough, and jobs scarce, but the minute the economy picks up, disgruntled employees will head for the hills, and rather move to a company where they feel they will be treated better and appreciated through not only the good times, but the bad as well.

The mining industry is in some regions showing signs of recovery, and it is always important for both employers and their employees that their be a happy equilibrium in the workplace.

It is so important for their to be communication between the employer and its employees, and for  employees to feel motivated and committed. So often it is just a lack of communication that makes employees feel undervalued, and discontented. Of utmost importance is for the employer to set clear goals for its employees, and to find out what they value. It’s not always only about money.

Recognition, career advancement, and time off, are all things of value to an employee. For this reason it is important to ask an employee not just once, but on a regular basis, what it is that they value and that is important to them, as peoples priorities change over time and for this reason so will their goals and needs.  The best way to keep employees content and happy is to get to know them, and know what they value.

It is also important for the employee to be on top of things and ensure that they know what is expected of them, at all times and if they are unsure as to what is expected of them to ask. They also need to be consistent in delivering their best work and to show an exceptional work ethic at all times.

Employers need to ensure that they create clear expectations for their  employees, including what is to be done, and when it is to be done by. They need to set clear boundaries, and provide sound direction. Employees who know exactly what is expected of them are far happier and secure, as they know  what they are up against when it comes to their work, and what is expected of them.

Employees generally know their value, and when they feel they are a valued and essential part of the team, they are more productive and willing to go the extra mile. Employers need to  praise openly, always make sure  set goals  are realistic and appropriate, and always take their employees’ needs seriously.  They need to ensure that their employees feel that they are important, and that their opinions count. When faced with problems instead of trying to pretend they don’t exist and being secretive, it is helpful to rather involve employees in decision making and strategies in order to sort the issues out. Happy, contented employees are more likely to work harder, and tend to be more productive and committed. Employees are the backbone of the company and their contribution is extremely important.

Employers need to tread carefully when dishing out unnecessary criticism, especially in front of other people. Avoiding unnecessary criticism will win the respect of the employees and help built trust and loyalty. It is also important to recognize the importance of work and life balance, and pressures at work should never be such that it becomes detrimental to an employees relationships in their personal lives.

When times are tough and money is short, there is often no extra money available for bonuses, incentives etc.  At times like this employers can try to reward employees in other ways, i.e. by giving them some time off, promotions, training etc. By doing so employees will still feel that they matter,  and are valued and when shown they are appreciated during the tough times they are far more likely to reciprocate and remain loyal to their employer during the good times.


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