You may have heard of CareerMine through the internet, the media or from one of your mining colleagues, or possibly even through a friend or a family member. However for those of you who don’t know CareerMine, it is the world’s leading mining job board and has proven its place in the mining industry time after time.

CareerMine offers individuals in mining a total solution in their overall lifelong process of managing learning, their careers and their career development. For those in mining their work related needs and preferences will evolve and change continually throughout their lifetime, and at the same time the world of mining is continually evolving and changing. CareerMine is able to acknowledge the complexity of those people in mining, the uncertainty of the mining industry and enable people to develop the skills needed to manage these challenges. Regardless as to whether you are on the lookout for a new job, or need to find out more information in terms of what salary you should be paid, or are looking for information on vocations in mining, CareerMine can help to provide you with a total solution to your career development needs.

CareerMine is not only the biggest most successful mining job board worldwide, but also the chosen job board and home to many of the leading mining companies, operating mines, and recruiters worldwide. CareerMine can offer you the opportunity to connect with these companies and recruiters through it’s over 15 000 active international mining jobs available at any given time. These jobs are always active and current as they are updated on a day to day basis. CareerMine has mining jobs available across the globe including job opportunities in North America, South America, Africa, Australasia, Europe, Asia and the United Kingdom. For mining professionals, expatriates and adventure seekers, all your overseas mining job opportunities will be found here.

Not only will CareerMine offer job seekers globally the ideal opportunity to meet all their needs when looking for employment opportunities in the mining industry, but will also provide the platform for job seekers to create a visible presence for themselves. Job seekers have the opportunity to post and feature their resume and liaise with the world’s top mining companies and recruiters. CareerMine also provides critical information related to securing jobs in the mining industry, to assist job seekers on their journey and in their career development.

What I have learnt more and more from working at CareerMine, is that the people who work for the company have a real commitment and love for what they do. Mining is their passion and CareerMine has a passion for making a difference in other people’s lives, regardless of whether it’s the job seekers on our site or the recruiters and companies on the site, and the reason for this is because we care about you. If you are a job seeker, we are committed to doing everything we possibly can to contribute to the development of your career. We also help to create an ideal platform for the recruiters on the lookout for mining talent.

Because of our commitment we have some 70 000 mining candidates worldwide who have trusted us with every step of their careers as well as the leading recruiters and mining companies who have stayed with us for many years and trusted us with advertising their jobs. We have an extensive network along with a wealth of mining knowledge. We know how to deliver to our clients and as a result our recruiters and job seekers keep coming back.

At CareerMine we work hard, and we love what we do. Our aim is to create the ideal platform for the job seeker and recruiter to meet, so if you haven’t already, take a few minutes, join CareerMine and explore your new career opportunities.

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