Regardless as to whether you are already employed in the mining industry, on the lookout for a new position, or whether you are looking to break into the mining industry, you have come to the right place.

Find all mining jobs in one place

CareerMine is the largest dedicated job board in the mining industry worldwide. It offers job seekers globally the ideal opportunity to meet all of their needs when looking for employment opportunities in the mining industry. CareerMine will provide the platform for job seekers to create a visible presence for themselves, as well as the opportunity to access thousands of mining jobs worldwide, which are updated on a daily basis, and the opportunity to network and liaise with the world’s top mining companies and recruiters.

CareerMine also provides critical information related to securing jobs in the mining industry, what you can expect working in the mining industry, what type of remuneration you can expect to earn depending on where you are based, amongst other important information to assist job seekers on their journey. Because CareerMine is home to many of the leading mining companies and recruiters jobs worldwide, it offers a tremendous variety of mining jobs at all levels, covering most regions worldwide, with many of these being engineering and geology jobs.

Be found by hiring companies and recruiters

Why not register and post your resume onto CareerMine? By registering and posting your resume on the site, it will then become visible to the mining recruiters and companies on our site, and become searchable through our database. It will also provide you with the ideal platform to find job employment opportunities and interact with companies and recruiters who are hiring. When you are looking for a job or looking to position yourself for career growth, it’s important to have an online presence where you can showcase your mining skills and experience.

Having a resume visible to the recruiters on CareerMine will help you network and create a presence within the mining industry and give you the exposure so necessary in the job market, to those responsible for hiring. It is essential when job hunting especially in the mining industry which is very competitive at the moment that you are able to be seen by those mining professionals who may be able to expedite your job search and assist you in your mining career, and CareerMine will offer you just that platform.

Starting out in the mining industry?

Are you as student or graduate in mining? If so browse student, graduate, co-op and entry level jobs on CareerMine. The student job board not only hosts numerous exciting mining jobs worldwide but also hosts relevant information and advice to help you secure the job of your dreams and get you advancing in the world of mining.

Join our community

Have you considered joining the CareerMine community? Connect and engage with CareerMine through our channels on LinkedIn and Facebook. Social media offers tremendous opportunity to network and the ability to build relationships directly, and gives one the ability to create and foster relationships with mining professionals. The CareerMine community will give you access to employment opportunities, mining employment news, expert advice, answers to your questions and much more.


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