Mechanics work across various industries, including construction, mining, manufacturing, transportation, forestry, agricultural and in the municipalities. Salaries for mechanics can vary tremendously depending on which industry they are working in. They can also vary a lot depending on where they are based. Mining has notoriously been a good industry to work in, and salaries have always been very competitive. Between 2001 and 2008 jobs for mechanics in mining rose dramatically, but there was a decline in 2009 due to the 2008 – 2009 recession. Things did pick up again but with the recent slump in mining, jobs for mechanics have been affected again.

The trend seems to be that the majority of those working as mechanics are still men. According to Service Canada, as many as 98.5% of Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanics in 2011 were men, which is very high when you compare it to all occupations where 52.7% of those employed are men. Given the nature of the job, it is unlikely that these statistics will have changed that much in recent years.

Mechanics in mining generally earn a good salary. There are various activities that they they would be involved in, including routine repairs and maintenance of mining equipment and mechanisms. This would include machinery such as conveyor belts, drives, mining locomotives , drills and mining trucks to mention just a few. Mechanics working in mining earn a good salary and rightly so. They work in mines in dusty hard conditions where there is also often an element of danger that goes along with working in a mine.

Mechanics in mining have generally earned more money than those in any other industries except possibly the oil and gasses industry where they are also paid very well.

mech1So what are mechanics in mining earning? According to those who have completed our salary survey it seems that a mechanic working in Canada in mining, who has 1 – 5 years of experience can expect to earn a median base salary of just short of $80 000. Those with 6 – 10 years will earn a median of just over $80 000 and those with 10+ year will earn a median of just over $90 000 per annum.

mech2Mechanics in the USA with 1 – 5 years who completed our salary survey are earning a median of around $50 000 per annum, this is a fair amount less than those in Canada. Those with 6 – 10 years experience in the USA are earning a median of around $70 000 and those with 10 years plus are earning a median of just over $90 000 per annum. So overall according to those who completed our salary survey mechanics in mining in Canada, are earning more than mechanics in mining in the USA.

mech3Mechanics in Australia who have 1 – 5 years experience are according to those who completed our salary survey earning a median of $100 000 . Those with 6 – 10 years experience are earning a median of around $140 000 and those with 10 years plus are earning a median of $150 000 per annum. The salaries in Australia for mechanics are notoriously higher than those in other regions, but one needs to take into consideration the cost of living in Australia, when looking at salaries. Also keep in mind that salaries across the board in mining in Australia are higher than other regions.

Given the current state of mining worldwide, a fair amount of mechanics will have lost their jobs in mining world wide. A fair amount of those will have moved to other industries where they may be earning less but have a little more job security. For those who remain in mining, salaries are still good, conditions are tough but also exciting, but that’s the name of the game when it comes to mining.


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  1. Snowy Petterson

    I have been a mechanic or involved with mechanical be it on the bench or in the feild and now upper management for 34 years and I’m passionate now as to the day I started about all things mechanical. My real focus is drill rigs and the equipment that supports them. The earning disparity is a zonal issue as all competant mechsnics are capable of attracting the same incom…. an engine is an engine is an engine!!!!!
    It does not take long to access a mechanics ability, experience, focus and comitment which all adds up to the level a of income he should is worthy of. Than added to which and needs to be seriously condered are the envormental conditions, living conditions length of shifts, fatigue management and rotation lengths. The fact that mechanics in mining sacrafice quality time with family and friends this time is 100% loss and can never be regained, the level and type of social time out are also key factors that need to be taken into account. All these conditions vary and should be carefully considered when formulating the financial packages for mechanics that are so often the scape goats for loss of production, availabilty and utilisation in the mining industry.
    The fact that as you say and is a general practice the mechanics are the first to get the chop when there is a financial hiccup in the industry is an excuse to reduce overheads to the detrement of equipment which is an absolute false vision in the line of reducing costs. Maintenence is the back bone of mining but is always looked at in a contesious light as the division that costs money rather than saving money. I have seen it happen on numerous occasions that equipment is compremissed at the expense of maintenence. It becomes a viciouys cycle of spiking costs to then bring the equipment up to an accepted operating level of reliability. Cut backs need to be caluculated and in ratio of maintenance support versus operational equipment versus operators that equals level of contract or work load.

    Snowy Petterson


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