South America, like Africa, has for some time now been viewed as a continent rich with resources. Gold, iron and copper are but some of the resources found in South America. For this reason Mining Engineers have been in demand in South America, and Mining Engineers have generally had the opportunity to choose between a number of different countries in South America that are involved in exploring and mining for resources, as to where they want to work.

It has become custom for many Mining Engineers from other parts of the world, to be based in South America. Mining companies from all over the world including Canada have rapidly expanded their operations in Latin American in recent years.

When looking at salaries in South America, it seems that we have a similar picture to what is going on in Africa, where expatriates Mining Engineers are inclined to earn a fair amount more than local Mining Engineers. This does however seem to be the trend in mining at the moment, expatriates are generally paid more, in order to compensate for the personal sacrifices that they have to make in their personal lives.

What are Mining Engineers in South America earning?

According to the preliminary results of our salary survey, Mining Engineers in South America are earning less than their counterparts in Australia, the United States and in Canada. Salaries in Australia, the United States, and Canada are generally very high, mainly because there has been such a demand for Mining Engineers in recent years in these areas. However Mining Engineers in South America are still earning good salaries in comparison to professionals in other industries. Poverty in South America is generally high, with some countries worse affected than others. The countries worst hit in South America are Colombia, Paraguay, Bolivia and Ecuador. However on the upside, in recent years most South American countries have experienced great economic growth. However when comparing the salaries of mining professionals to other industries in the region, mining professionals are still well off.

What was interesting to note was that according to the Oil and Gas Global Salary Guide 2013, which is produced annually by recruiters Hays Oil & Gas that Brazil based oil and gas industry professionals are the 8th best paid in the world. What was also interesting to note was that Argentina and Colombia are seeing strong salary growth in the Oil and Gas industry. It appears that local professionals working in the Oil and Gas industry in Brazil earn an average of USD$111,000 per annum, and that in Argentina they are earning an average of USD$94,200.

When comparing the salaries that Oil and Gas professionals earn in South America to what Mining Engineers earn, it does appear that local Mining Engineers are earning a fair amount less.

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  1. emilio

    We must to consider the wedges that no appear as salary, ( comissions, welfare, awards, bonus, etc. ) this is around 40% more in the salary.

  2. farhan mirza

    Hello Sir, I hope you are good. I am Farhan Mirza. I did BSc. (H) Mining Engineering in 2005. Afterwards, I joined mining sector. My first job in mining sector was as a Mining Engineer and Safety Officer in salt mine. I served there for two months. My major responsibility was to check safety environment and quality control as well as to design different drilling patterns and minimize the quantity of black powder and also design room and pillar method. After two months I joined A.M Construction (PVT- LTD). I was posted in Baluchistan as a Safety Officer and Mining Engineer. My major responsibility was to design bench blasting as well as minimize the explosive quantity. There I served five years in FWO (Frontier Works Organization); army engineering core. There I was a mining engineer and safety officer. My major responsibility was to design different drilling pattern and minimize the quantity of explosive for excavation in the tunnels and also check mine ventilation and health and safety measure, rock bolting, rock bolting grouting, uses of mash, speech area, and rock falling sites. Sir, I am interesting to do job but still i couldn’t find .please guide me how or which mining company i could contact for job .sir or madam i am sending my CV to yours good self. I can send my experience certificates on demand. I will be waiting for your reply.
    Thank you.

  3. Sharad M Nagdeve


    I am Mining Personnel having 29 years of experience in Metal and Coal Mining industry.

    I have developed Copper, Lead & Zinc, Tin, Diamond and Iron Ore Mines , Coal Mines in India and also recently developed a Coal Mine in South Sumatra in Indonesia.
    If you can suggest a good Job at Senior level in America, Canada, please inform.


    +91 9685784188

  4. olapade ayodele abel

    if people can get good job it will encorage study of mining engineering,because people are relenting of the study


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