Are you satisfied with your salary? How does your salary compare with others in the mining industry? Are you being underpaid?

We believe that everybody working in mining, should know their worth.

The statistics are that roughly, across all industries, 89% of Americans feel that the most important factor in considering a job opportunity is salary. Another statistic is that over 50% of Americans, across all industries, believe they are underpaid. Given the importance of salaries and how much we are earning, as it impacts on all aspects of our lives, how do you know if the job you have just been offered is priced right? And are you being offered a market related, competitive salary? It is at times like this, that salary surveys can prove to be of tremendous value. This is particularly relevant to the mining industry, where readily available information on salaries, tends to be sketchy and vague. It is vitally important when asked during the interviewing process by a potential employer, what your salary expectations are, to be prepared and to know your worth.

Not only is vital for employees to know their worth, it is vital that company’s know what they should be paying their employees. This is particularly important for the mining industry, where there is a notorious lack of skills in certain areas. The majority of mining companies cannot afford to lose their good employees, so to have a finger on the pulse when it comes to paying competitive, market related salaries, is critically important. By setting the right compensation package in place with their employees, companies will have that competitive advantage, and employees are far more likely to be attracted to, retained and motivated to work for these companies.

The single most important information that you can get out of a salary survey is to know your worth. It gives you the opportunity to compare your salary with those occupying similar positions to yours, and to those equally qualified to you. You can also get a good idea in terms of salaries paid globally. This is very important for mining professionals as they tend to move around and work in various different regions, because of the nature of mining. Through the salary survey, you will be able to get a clear picture in terms of your salary expectations. Having the right information at your fingertips helps tremendously when making career decisions. Knowing the industry standard will not only help you when you are negotiating your salary for a new position, but also with your current employer during the performance appraisal process.

CareerMine’s 2013 Salary Survey: Are You Priced Right?

In our quest to continually improve our information and services to the mining industry worldwide, CareerMine invites you to participate in the 2013 Mining Industry Salary Survey.

By completing the survey, you will assist CareerMine in gauging the compensation of mining industry professionals around the world. We will for your efforts, then send you a free salary insight once the survey has been completed.

So take the survey, and help us to help you find out if you are priced right!

3 Responses to “Mining Salaries – are you priced right?”

  1. erik

    Hey susan!
    Can you please do a comparison(just like the ones you did for geologist in us, canada and australia) the salary of environmental engineers please? Starting median and mid career salary of the engineers and their demand in mining sector. Thanks!

    • Susan Kihn

      Hi Erik. I would be happy to put some data together for Environmental Engineers, and will get it up asap. Regards. Susan.


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