The holidays are over, and 2018 has rolled in. If you are thinking that it’s time to start looking for a new job you are not alone, the beginning of a new year is renowned to be a popular time to be on the prowl for a new job.

The good news as well is that the experts say that the new year is a good time to be on the market for a new job, so if you haven’t already started, now is the perfect time to hit the ground running and start your job hunt. January and February are often the months that companies receive updated budgets and sales forecasts, and along with this often comes a flurry of hiring and new openings.

However keep the following in mind in order not to be disappointed.

You are not alone. Have a sense of urgency

There are reports in the UK that as many as half of all of Britain’s workforce will be looking for a new job in 2018. These jobs are obviously not all mining specific, and this number is not going to be relevant to all regions worldwide, but it does give some indication as to peoples mind set in a new year. So if you are on the market for a new job, don’t be complacent, act now otherwise you may miss out.

However keep in mind that January normally starts off slow. Employees returning to work after the holidays can take a week or two to get back into things, also wait until the schools go back as a lot of employees will be on leave until then. If possible wait until the middle of January and then start applying for jobs.


Look back over your previous job hunting effectiveness for the last year. If you were on the market for a position in 2017 and things have not gone as planned and you still cannot find a job, take some time to reflect on where you may have gone wrong in your job search, and what you can do differently in 2018.

Draw up a list of companies that you would like to work for

Don’t sit and day dream about the companies you would like to work for, be proactive, do your homework, and find out who would be responsible for hiring and apply.  Many companies have a new budget in the New Year which can make room for potential openings that may be suited to you. Remember as well that because the new year is a popular time of the year for people to be job hunting, you may find that there may be an opening coming up at one of the companies you would like to work for.

Consider whether you need to brush up on your professional or technical skills

The new year may just be a great time to brush up on your skill level, and it may  be the perfect time to consider enrolling in some courses that would help boost your skill level and that would look great to have on your resume. If the company you are working for offers courses and training, enroll in these, if not consider looking at available courses externally.

Do your homework and be prepared

Ensure your resume is top notch and always do your homework before going for interviews. Competition is fierce so always ensure you are prepared and put your best foot forward.

The new year can really be a great time to give you the jump start you need to grow in your career and find new opportunities, so act now, as it you wait it may be too late.

Happy new year!

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