If you have been offered a job in mining, there is a very good chance that this offer will be subject to your successfully passing a medical test. This can be concerning for many job seekers as they have no idea what to expect, nor if they are going to pass the medical.

Frustrating as this process can be, it is extremely important that these pre-employment medical tests are performed, given the conditions that miners will need to work in. Safety also needs to always come first, not only for you, but for those you are going to be working with.

What can you expect in this pre-employment medical test?

Medicals may vary tremendously depending on where you are going to be working and what role in mining you will be doing. There are however a fair amount of questions that you can expect to have to aswer. These will give the company a fairly comprehensive idea as to your medical history and any preexisting conditions.

Some of the questions you can expect to have to answer are as follows:

• Are you currently taking any medication, prescription or otherwise?
• Are you a smoker, or have you ever been a smoker?
• Do you / or have you ever taken drugs recreationally? If so when and what?
• Do you drink alcohol? If so how much?
• Have you ever had any surgeries? If so when and for what?
• Do you suffer from any health problems, e.g. cancer, heart problems, lung problems etc?
• Do you have a family history of any health problems?

There may be other more details questions that you are asked but you can expect to at least have to answer the above. Many mining jobs may also require that you have a physical examination.

These tests may include the following:

• Blood tests
• Urine tests
• Having your eye sight checked
• Having your hearing checked
• A lung function test

Depending on the job you are going to be doing there may be further tests required such as a body mass index assessment. This is an easy to perform method of screening your weight category, whereby helping identify weight categories that could potentially lead to heath problems. You may also be required to do a physical fitness test. You may also be required to have an MRI, or X-ray plus further testing should they find anything in the pre-employment testing that they may find of concern.

These tests may vary from country to country, and many mining companies make these tests not only compulsory in order to qualify for the job, but as an ongoing process where they will be repeated every few years, to see if there have been any changes in your medical condition.

It is very important to be honest during these tests, as it is essential that safety be the number 1 priority not only for you but for those who you will be working with.

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    • Susan Kihn

      Hi Hennie. Tests vary depending on where in the world you live, however in many regions a lung function test is required. Eg. In Australia this may include a MWHS Test (A Mine Workers Health Surveillance) which is a hearing and lung function test. Everybody employed in mining is required to have this test. Regards. Susan.


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