Simon Houlding, Vice-President for Professional Development at EduMine writes:

The mining industry has a growing management crisis. A lack of skilled professionals and a rapidly aging workforce make it difficult for companies to fill vacant roles with qualified candidates, threatening short and long-term growth prospects. There just aren’t enough mining professionals with 10 to 15 years of mining experience to take-over from retiring baby boomers in management positions!

New Management Certificate Programs provide a solution by offering online training that supports your accelerated growth and development along clearly defined career progression paths.

Management Certificate Programs provide the breadth and depth of knowledge required for a management position in mining. They fill gaps from lack of exposure at work, or gaps left by a university or college education, ensuring you have an overall understanding of the fundamentals of the mining process, plus an in depth understanding of the core knowledge components relevant to a specific management position. All of which will enable you to make informed management decisions.

Management Certificate Programs are built up of fundamentals programs and core programs. A fundamentals program comprises a selection of online courses in a particular application area that provide a basic understanding of the application. A core program builds on the fundamentals program to provide an in depth treatment of the application. For example, the management certificate program for the position of Manager of Engineering Services for an underground mine has the following requirements.

Fundamentals programs -

  • Geology – Reserves – Exploration
  • Geotechnics – Rock Mechanics – Hydrology
  • Mining Methods – Mine Planning (underground mining)
  • Environment – Community
  • Mineralogy – Mineral Processing
  • Health – Safety – Human Resources (underground mining)
  • Management – Risk – Financial

Core programs -

  • Geotechnics – Rock Mechanics – Hydrology (underground mining)
  • Management – Risk – Financial

Management Certificate Programs require online certification in a number of courses (30 to 40) of varying length which can comfortably be completed in the allotted completion period of 36 months (anticipated completion is 18 months). All courses required for a management certificate are available as online courses with online certification … this means they can be taken in your own time and at your own pace from anywhere with an adequate Internet connection.

Management Certificate Programs are available for the following management positions in both underground and surface mining tracks.

Mine Operations

  • mine superintendent
  • plant superintendent

Mine Services

  • engineering
  • geology
  • environment and community
  • maintenance
  • human resources, health and safety
  • accounting and procurement

Mine Management

  • mine manager
  • plant manager
  • general manager

To find out more about the available programs, have a look at EduMine’s Management Certificate Program information page.

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