What does the labour market in the global mining industry look like in 2014? Four industry insiders from key mining areas around the world give us the low-down on the current trends and challenges affecting skills and jobs availability in the mining industry.

Most companies in the mining industry today are preoccupied with cost-cutting and streamlining operations as mineral deposits are discovered in more remote and adverse locations, some only accessible by air.

This has resulted in the advent of a fly-in and fly-out work culture and employees demanding higher wages which puts extra pressure on vital cost management. However, despite the current economic downturn and increasing cost pressures in the global mining industry, many remain positive for growth and expect the industry’s demand for skilled people to increase.

For example, according to research undertaken by Jody Elliott Consulting, in 2011 the mining industries of South Africa, Canada, the US and South America cited significant growth plans and will need more than 250,000 new entrants to the industry globally from 2012 to 2017.
So what is the real story of the global mining industry’s jobs market in 2014? Is the industry attracting and retaining the kind of skilled individuals, including women and indigenous people, it requires, or have cost pressures resulted in a drop in demand?

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One Response to “Roundtable – the low down on mining labour trends for 2014”

  1. adanac

    I was headhunted for a mining job. I was given a position into the Lab, until they could place me in Engineering as an Instrumentation Technician. I have two years in Instrumentation. I am an Electronic Engineering Technologist. However, in a little more than two months, many of us were laid off. They were wanting very badly to keep me. Nevertheless I was laid off anyway. I was making plans to move my family closer to my job site. Good thing I didn’t get time to do that. However, I had quit my other job to work in the mine. There was nothing said, regarding a call-back.

    I have had HR people call me and say, I am their best candidate. However, still no job. I have even had direct referrals.

    I have also had to explain the difference between, an Electronic Technician and an Electronic Engineering Technologist. I reworked my resume so, I am staying positive.

    I would really appreciate other’s opinions and any tips they can offer me.


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