According to a new survey report just released by CostMine, geologists and mining engineers received an average annual wage increase of up to 8.6% at the responding Canadian metal mines.

The table below shows that Senior Engineers have seen the biggest increase in the last few years. The previous survey reports showed little increase in average salaries, even decreasing over the last few years.

Along with geologists, mining engineers and other professional staff, the report also provides detailed information on production workers at 26 precious metal mines, 17 base and ferrous metal mines, 10 industrial mineral/aggregate mines, 2 diamond mines and 15 coal and tar sands mines.

Complete survey reports—including actual wage and salary scales, benefit plan profiles and bonus plans for Canadian mines and U.S. mines —can be purchased from CostMine.

Details are available at or by calling +1 509-328-8023.

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