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During your working career you are bound to have to go through the character building challenge at some stage, of your current manager being replaced. Whether it’s going to be an internal move or somebody from the outside, the chances are that your new manager is going to be different to what you are accustomed to, and that they are going to take some getting used to!!!

Even if you had a fantastic relationship with your previous manager, try to see the positive in this new event, and try to see it as an opportunity for change and growth. Also remember that this person has the power to possibly make or break your career in your company. That’s why the way you deal with your new manager upfront is so very important. Handled the wrong way, this new relationship could damage your career or even land you in the unemployment line. Remember as well that all the time you forming opinions about your new manager, that he or she will also size you up and will be forming an opinion of you.

Regardless of your feelings around having a new manager, and whether you feel it’s a positive or negative thing, you will need to ensure that you make a good impression. Always remember that first impressions do count. Let your new manager know that you are eager to work well with him/her, and that you are ready to get down to work. You can sit down with your new manager and ask them how they prefer to get the job done, and what sort of work style works best for them. Also ask your new manager what their expectations of you are. This way it will help you to gage what type of person they are, and how best you can work for them. Try to sit down with your new manager as soon as possible so that you can get to understand what is going to be expected of you, and in order to start forming a new relationship with this person, who is going to play such a major role in your work life!!

Another important thing to keep in mind, when dealing with a new manager, is “never assume; always get clarity” When dealing with a new manager, whether it’s to evaluate or discuss upcoming tasks, always get clarity when needed.

Remember also, that regardless of how well you appear to get on with your new manager; ultimately what is going to define your relationship is the calibre of your work, and your work ethic. Also remember that because you don’t have a long standing relationship with this new person, that you are going to have little room for mistakes, and not producing top quality work. You will need to be on your guard, and ensure you prove yourself early on, in this new, fragile, relationship.

Take the initiative, ask for new work, offer to help out whenever you see there is extra work around. Keep your new manager updated as to what you are working on, and where you are in terms of deadlines etc. Ensure you are always punctual, and prove your reliability. That way you can start your relationship off on a positive note, and hopefully avoid unnecessary hiccups along the way….

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