I have been having a look at InfoMine USAs survey of coal mines throughout the United States, and it has some really interesting detailed information on wages, salaries, benefits, and incentive bonus plans. There is some very interesting data in this extremely comprehensive, informative report on coal mining salaries in the United States.

CostMine have reported from this survey that there is a distinct difference in employment practices between small and large mines. What CostMine did was to divide the mines between those with fewer than 100 employees (10 mines) and those with more than 100 employees (47 mines). The results are that miners at small surface mines make considerably less than their counterpart’s at large surface mines, in most of the job categories.

CostMine reported that at underground mines, the differences are not as apparent and can be generally attributed to the influence of union contracts on wages. They said that whilst all of the mines in the survey offer their employees a medical plan, employees at large mines are also generally more likely to benefit from retirement plans, plus more vacation and holiday time-off. It also reported that this year a higher percentage of small mines, had incentive plans.

Have a look at some of the data below, that highlights, these differences between small and large mine wages.

Also of interest in the 2012 U.S. Coal Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits survey results, was the difference in salaries between mining professionals depending on what region of the USA they are based, and how much salaries vary depending on region.

For those of you that are interested, CostMine provides extensive salary data for miners in the United States. The full survey is available from CostMine. They also have the US. Metals and Industrial Mineral Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits, 2012 Survey Results which has some very interesting data available.

2 Responses to “Some interesting data from CostMine’s U.S. Coal Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits 2012 Salary Survey”

  1. Alex

    Just for comparison, in Serbia, in the same industry, people are getting 1.25€ per hour, and managers annual salary is about 18.000 €

    • Susan Kihn

      Hi Alex, thank you so much for the feedback, its always great to get some more information on salaries in the various regions. Regards. Susan.


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