We spoke with Lindsey Schultz from MRC Management Resource Consulting, to find out more about her, and her role as a recruiter in the mining industry.

1. Tell us about you, and how you came to be Corporate Vice President for MRC?

Well, it was a bit serendipitous now that I think about it! I grew up with a very entrepreneurial and spirited father (Robert Schultz) running MRC out of our home. I was coding resumes, filing, and answering phones at a very early age. We always talked business, and he often brought me with him when he traveled to meet clients and/or interviews. It was not my plan however, to work for MRC.

I studied Human Resources and Organizational Behavior for my Undergraduate degree, and came out of school in a fairly soft job market. I interviewed for multiple HR roles and was offered several positions, but I was not convinced HR was what I wanted to do in a traditional sense. Robert told me I could work with him/MRC until I decided what I wanted to do. During that time, I pursued my MBA and worked on the HR search/recruiting side of our business. Post MBA, I started learning and working more on the mining side of our business and caught the ‘mining bug’ and that was just over 10 years ago!

I consider myself fortunate to have this opportunity to work with great people and companies within the mining industry. I have grown into the Corporate VP role for MRC and have had the ability to expand the range of my responsibilities each year.

2. Tell us about MRC and its role in mining?

Robert started our company in 1984 as a search and consulting group. He wound up placing so many HR people in Mining companies, that they started calling and asking for him to recruit engineers, geologists, etc. He has always been good at developing/maintaining relationships; as a result many of our first clients have turned into candidates and clients again and have been an endless source of referral business.

That being said, MRC is a boutique search & HR consulting firm focused on providing services to the Mining industry. We currently have 4 dedicated search consultants, and are looking to add another this year. All of us have a mix of mining and HR backgrounds and really enjoy our engagement in the search process. Hiring and/or changing a job is a very personal process, and we try to treat it as such, not just a brokerage of people/talents.

3. What is the most rewarding part of your job and what makes it worthwhile?

I really enjoy getting to know my clients and candidates and helping to introduce them to one another and create winning combinations. I also really love speaking with entry-level mining professionals and students; to answer their questions; act as a sounding board and help them find their path in the mining space. I also appreciate when a candidate lets me know they’ve enjoyed working with us for whatever reason – even when I have to reject them! I have had so many people tell me lately – ‘thank you for getting back to me’. Building relationships and maintaining them is a critical ingredient to our success.

4. Who are some of the people who have had the biggest impact in your life? – And why?

I have been very fortunate to have had so many great people (friends, family, colleagues, business contacts, coaches and teachers) in my life that have provided valuable insights, guidance and counsel over the years.

One of the major influencers in my life is Jim Schutz. Jim was MRC’s first employee in 1984 and recently retired this past January. Jim has taken on many roles in my life: mentor, colleague, family friend. I learned from watching him work and listening to him interview candidates long before I was actually doing this job. He always went above and beyond to learn about his clients/jobs he was working, and to understand the candidates he interfaced with. His gracious nature, integrity and work ethic are unparalleled and I utilize him as a model for other recruiters we hire as well as for myself. He also helped instill my love of the outdoors and camping.

5. How do you see the market looking for job seekers in mining in the foreseeable future?

The (mining) job market is quite strong right now. We are recovering from the last down-cycle and the need for all types of mining professionals from entry to senior levels is very real. As an industry we routinely reference the talent gap between those mining professional with 30+ years of experience and those who are less than 30 years old. This supply side stress on talent is only exacerbated by the significant number of senior professionals who have retired or are about to retire in the next five years or so. This will allow for promotional opportunities at mid-senior management levels for those adequately qualified. Present and future mid-level managers/supervisors will have the formidable task of bridging the gap between the very senior players and the millennials. Knowledge transfer, talent management, training and development will be critical elements to the future success of the industry. I believe a little creativity and flexibility in our practices will go a long way when we are looking to attract/recruit/retain individuals in the Mining industry. The next 5 years should be both very active and very challenging for Mining.

6. Any tips for job seekers in mining in 2018?

Yes, actively make new connections – talk to people – follow through/follow up!

When I was a kid, we received hundreds of resumes by mail and via fax, people would call to make sure we received their information. Over time we started getting resumes by email, but early on we still got a lot of phone calls to follow up. In the past 5 years or so my phone has grown more and more silent. People now trust that you’ve seen their email, resume, request to connect on LinkedIn, etc. This digitization of job seeking has made it easier to mass apply to roles, but it has also impersonalized the process. When someone calls me, or takes time to visit at a conference, I remember them. Always follow up, say thank you, personalize your job search (networking) process and it will pay dividends!

7. What is the one thing about you that people don’t know?

I love to organize. My closet is color coded with matching hangers, and I use a label maker and the same jars for all of my spices. I find the process of developing a system, color coding, labeling, really relaxing and rewarding. I’ve run out of things to label in my house – so if anyone has the need, my label maker and I are ready!

8. Is the glass half empty or half full?

What is the glass full of?

Well, if it’s half empty, I have room for a lot more … I’ll just go with that.

9. How do you keep a healthy work / life balance?

I am not sure I do this very well. My work and my family are necessarily intertwined. I did put my home office out of the way of our living space, so when I leave for the day I don’t go back to my desk (unless necessary). I always try to be mindful and call it quits for the day and fit in a workout, or cook dinner to transition to family time.

10. Do you have any hot job openings at the moment that you would like to highlight?

We have a lot of really great jobs/clients right now. I am routinely challenged and always enjoy working our new assignments. FYI – We recently revamped our website which hosts most all the jobs MRC is currently working (unless confidential).


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