There are many job seekers in Australia that are hopeful to get a foot in the doorway in the mining industry as a truck driver or mobile equipment operator. The mining industry has a reputation for paying extremely competitive salaries as well as offering excellent long term career prospects, and the opportunity to work in different exciting parts of the world.

According to the latest results from our  salary survey, truck drivers in Australia in mining are earning on the 25%ile $32.25 per hour, a median of $45 per hour and on the 75%ile 54.25 per hour.  These rates are very competitive, and truck drivers in  mining can often expect to earn more than those in other industries, as the mining industry has notoriously been better paying than many other industries.

The question is how difficult is it to get an entry level position in mining for a truck driving position, in Australia? And how easy is it to get a foot in the doorway? The reality is that it is not nearly as easy in recent years to get an entry position in mining as it was in previous years because of the downturn in mining. Things seem to be starting to turn thankfully and there does seem to be more opportunity and the job numbers are increasing in Australia in mining, which is a positive for job seekers.

However it is important to keep in mind that most companies want experienced employees who can hit the ground running, as they do not have the time or resources to invest in employees who are going to require extensive training.

Mining companies are operating under pressure; they have budgets that have to be met, as well as time constraints and safety requirements that all have to be adhered to. In order for this to happen it helps them by employing experienced job seekers who will require minimal training.

The chances are as well that should you be interested in driving trucks in the mining industry in Australia that you will have needed to have completed at least a HR- license (which will enable you to drive a truck) and to have a current driver’s license.

An HR- License is the highest class of truck license you can obtain from holding a car license. You would have needed to have a held a car or higher class of license for at least 2 years, before you would be eligible for an HR- license.

If you are looking for an entry level position within mining as a Mobile Equipment Operator or Truck Driver, having the HR-license would probably be essential, however it does not necessarily end there, and some companies may require further training, or have their own in-house training courses that you would need to complete as well.

It is important to also remember that in order to secure any entry level position including that of a truck driver in Australia in mining, you would probably also be required to have security clearances, as well as medical clearances and drug and alcohol clearance. The opportunities are there, but to have completed the relevant training and certifications will make it a whole lot easier to get your foot in the doorway.



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