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Some people are just born to travel. They love seeing new lands beyond their shores, thrive on the excitement of experiencing new cultures, and they are just inherently restless. These types of people are just not able to stay in one place for long and get bored and frustrated when stuck in an office eight hours a day. It is ultimately a lifestyle choice. If this sounds like you, then mining may be a career you may want to consider.

The reality is that there are few industries out there that offer the opportunities of travel, that the mining industry does. There are numerous Geologists, Mining Engineers amongst others who work in the mining industry that have over the course of their careers, managed to see the world. Not only do they get to travel and see new exciting places, many of those in the mining industry get to see firsthand some of the most remote regions of the world, regions that the majority of people will never get to experience in their lives. Regardless as to whether it’s the Australian Gold Fields that you want to experience, or whether you would rather be based thousands of meters above sea level in the mountains of Chile, or whether it’s Africa that you yearn to see, mining can offer you the experience of living and working in all of these regions.

You may be thinking that this is just a pipe dream as you are no good in math and science so will never be able to get into mining. It is however important to remember that it’s not only Engineer and Geologists that work in mining; there are Surveyors, Health and Safety professionals, Environmental professionals, as well as many tradesmen and laborers. The whole process of a mine coming into existence requires numerous skills from those who decide where the mine is going to be built, to those who design the mine, to those that will build the mine and ultimately, those who will work in the mine. For this reason there are so many different careers that one can chose from in this exciting industry, so don’t be put off the industry if you are not good at math and science, there are plenty of jobs available in mining that you do not need a degree for, nor math and science. Jobs are diverse, from mining, mineral and electrical engineers to geologists, to blasters and drillers, to heavy equipment operators, to environmental specialists, to those in health and safety, to finance and IT. Regardless where your interests lie, the opportunities in mining are just endless.

One does need to remember however that there are rules and regulations when seeking jobs abroad, and there are work permits, travel arrangements and living arrangements that need to be taken into consideration. This can all take time and the process can be demoralizing and frustrating. There are also many countries that have rules and regulations for those working in mining, such as in Canada where certain jobs in the mining industry such as Engineers and some trades, are considered regulated occupations. This basically means that you have to have a Canadian license or certificate to be able to work in the country in this field. However there are also many non-regulated occupations in mining, where discretion around hiring those from overseas are left to the employer to decide, so long as the person has a relevant work permit. For this reason when responding to jobs in different countries, always pay very close attention to the jobs specific skills and qualification requirements, to ensure you qualify for the job. Also ensure you do your homework in terms of the countries regulations and requirements for specific jobs in mining. Keep similar practices in place when it comes to work permit requirements which are generally required in the majority of countries, so for this reason you need to be aware of the procedures when looking for work abroad.

For those in mining who love the travel and have a passion for the industry, they get the best of both worlds, as they also get paid very well to do what they love and to get to see the world at the same time. Salaries in mining are notoriously good, and have always been. For some the travel and time spent away from home can be hard, but the reason they keep doing it has a lot to do with the lucrative salaries they are paid. However for those who love the industry and who love the travel, the salary is just an added bonus to a life they are already addicted to.

The bottom line is that regardless of where you want to work, a job in mining can provide a really competitive salary, steady work, adventure and an excellent opportunity to work in first world countries such as Canada or Australia, or to experience the adventure of working in remote isolated regions in the far corners of the world.

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