Having a great resume is important, and will be your ticket to getting to the next step in the hiring process. However regardless as to how good your resume is, and how suited your skills may be, acing that interview is what is going to get you an offer.

1. Do your homework

This is the easy part. Research the company that is going to be interviewing you.  Find out everything you can about the company, what it does, and especially where you would fit into the company, and the division you would be working in. If possible check out its annual report and be aware of its financial position.

 2. Have some great questions to ask

You can pretty much be guaranteed that the interviewer is going to ask you if you have any questions. Always plan these in advance, nerves on the day can leave you in a position where your mind goes blank, or you ask questions that are just not suitable. The questions should always be around the job you will be doing, the company and team you will be working in.

3. Be on time and dress for success

Make sure you are on time, plan your route, and allow for traffic and delays. Arriving late for an interview is a no no. So make sure you are on time. Dress for success, ensure you are professionally dressed, and look neat and tidy. Rather be a little overdressed than under dressed.

4. Sell yourself

The most qualified person is not always the person that will get an offer. So much will depend on how you sell yourself, and whether the interviewer feels you will be a fit for the company and the role, not only in terms of your skill set but your personality as well.  For this reason it’s important to sell yourself.

5. Be polite

Being courteous and polite goes a long way in an interview. Always make sure you thank each person for having taken the time to see you at the end of the interview. A thank you note or email is also a good idea, as it helps keep the channels of communication open. Being courteous is a must.

And don’t forget to SMILE! Even if you are nervous. A smile is always a powerful tool.




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