Mine Surveyors play a critical role in mining as they are responsible for managing the design and future plans for a mining site. Mine Surveyors have a tremendous amount of responsibility on their shoulders as they need to ensure the safety of the mine and those who work on it, thorough accurate assessment and careful management. One of the biggest jobs that a Mine Surveyor will take part in is the creation of maps and plans for the mine. A Mine Surveyor will be responsible for taking accurate measurements, which will then be manipulated and turned into a usable map. They will also carry out initial surveys and risk assessments and environmental impact assessments on potential sites to assess the viability of a potential mine site.

Mine Surveyors will be responsible for both underground and surface surveys. They are responsible for maintaining accurate plans of mines as a whole and will create and update maps of the surface layout which will include buildings and other structures, as well as surveying the underground mine workings to keep a record of the mine operations.

Mine Surveyors will also measure the areas and volumes blasted by the underground crew, where they will measure the quantity of work done and calculate the contractual earnings. One of the most important functions of a Mine Surveyor is their involvement in the measuring process to calculate production from the mining operation. They will also take samples to determine the viability and profitability of the mine, and provide valuations of mineral deposits.

Mine Surveyors will also deal with ownership rights and negotiating contracts to buy, lease or access sites. Mine Surveyors form such a critical role in the mining industry as they are able to determine the economic viability of a potential mine site, and manage and develop the sites, and map and record the extent of mineral extraction.

A Mine Surveyor will closely examine and predict the environmental effects and impacts of mining, including air pollution and the damage to the landscape. Once the mine has been exhausted they then work with other professionals including environmental professionals and engineers to restore the land and provide advice as to how waste material should be disposed of.

Given the hugely important role that Mine Surveyors play in the mining industry, I thought it would be good to get some idea as to how they are being paid in Canada in 2015. These salaries provided are taken in their entirety from our recent salary survey.

According to the results of our salary survey, Mine Surveyors in Canada, who have 5 years or less experience can earn a base salary of on the 25%ile CAD$57 500, a median of CAD$70 000, and on the 75%ile CAD$72 175. Mine Surveyors in Canada with 6 – 10 years’ experience, can according to the results of our salary survey earn a base salary of on the 25%ile CAD$71 250, a median of CAD$78 500 and on the 75%ile CAD$87 500. Mine Surveyors with 10 years plus experience can, according to our recent salary survey earn a base pay on the 25%ile of CAD$82 000, a median of CAN$88 100 and on the 75%ile CAD$96 300.

Surveyors that are working on a contract basis with less than 5 years’ experience and who are earning an hourly wage are earning according to the results of our recent salary survey an hourly rate of CAD$21.75 on the 25%ile, a median of CAD$31.00 per hour and on the 75%ile CAD$32.91 per hour.

It is important to remember however that these salaries are taken from only those that have completed our salary survey, also that salaries can vary tremendously from company to company, There are also a number of other factors that affect salaries including where in Canada the job is based, how much experience the Mine Surveyor would have, and whether they are in a supervisory role or not. There are some Mine Surveyors who are earning a lot more and those that are earning less.

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