Mining jobs in Australia have always been sought after not only because Australia is a beautiful first world country that is highly desirable to live in, but also because salaries in mining in Australia have always been really good, even for unskilled workers. In years gone by, many positions have also been available for those from overseas with working visas, which has attracted workers from all over the world to live and work in Australia.

Things have however sadly changed in Australia in the post mining boom and for those in mining, jobs as a whole have been scarce. A few years back there was often the case where there were fewer jobs available than workers, but this has all changed and there have been a lot of casualties in the mining industry worldwide and including Australia. This does not mean there are no jobs in Australia in mining, but competition is tough and when looking for jobs in mining now in Australia one needs to be realistic if you want to earn the big bucks. If you are have a skill and good experience, or a relevant trade or qualification, and have a job then the salaries can still be pretty good. However for those unfortunate enough to have lost their jobs, getting back into the industry can be harder, and salaries can be not as good.

It seems as well that in response to the uncertainty of the industry and work load that a fair amount of employers in Australia have been focusing on the hiring of contractors in order to help with peak workloads, instead of permanent staff as companies are afraid to over commit. This has not been great news for those out of work, who would as a whole prefer the stability that permanent positions offer, but when out of a job and earning no income, some work is better than no work.

However despite all the doom and gloom Mining Engineers are generally well paid, not only in Australia but all over the world. Even though things are not good in mining as a whole and there are job losses, one does still find that for certain skills there is always a demand and it seems that with Mining Engineers that there is still a demand in many areas. It seems that in particular vacancies at the mid-level often require a unique skill set where there can be shortages of candidates that can exactly match the requirements for the position.

For graduates trying to break into mining, it is tougher to find jobs than in years gone by, and graduate recruitment programmers are fewer, however for those in Australia looking to break into the mining industry, graduates and those with less than a years’ experience can according to those who have completed our salary survey, expect to earn on the 25%ile AUD63900, a median of AUD76600 and on the 75%ile AUD90000 base pay, per annum.

Mining Engineers salaries in Australia move up pretty quickly and once a Mining Engineer has gained some work experience, according to those who have completed our salary survey, Mining Engineers with between 1 and 5 years’ experience can expect to earn on the 25%ile AUD107800, a median of AUD 113500 and on the 75%ile AUD 136000 basic pay, per annum. According to those who have completed our salary survey, the highest paid Mining Engineers in Australia with 1 to 5 years’ experience are earning around AUD 170000 base pay, per annum.

Once a Mining Engineer in Australia gains around 6 to 10 years’ experience, they can according to those who have completed our salary survey, expect to earn on the 25%ile around AUD115000, a median of AUD 130000 and on the 75%ile AUD144000 base pay, per annum. The highest paid Mining Engineers in Australia who completed our salary survey and have between 6 and 10 years’ experience, are earning around AUD 182000 base pay, per annum.

Mining Engineers in Australia who have at least 10 years’ experience are according to those who have completed our salary survey, earning on the 25%ile around AUD 138000, a median of AUD 170000 and on the 75%ile AUD 185000. The highest earners in the Mining Engineers who have 10 years plus experience in Australia according to those who completed our salary survey, are earning around AUD 206000 base pay, per annum.

Please keep in mind that this information is taken entirely from those who have completed our salary survey, also that salary ranges vary tremendously and that there are many factors that affect salaries, such as whether it is a contracting or permanent role, where the position is, who it is for, whether it’s FIFO position or not, as well as many other influencing factors.


4 Responses to “What are Mining Engineers in Australia currently earning”

  1. Cris Wright

    Nice article Susan! I was wondering where salaries landed. I have always wanted to work in Australia for its beauty, but it has never worked out. I guess I’ll just have to plan my next vacation there!

  2. Michael

    Hello Susan, I love your posts! I’m currently a geology student at the U of A in Edmonton, Canada. My goal is to work abroad, specifically in the UAE (although China, South Africa and Brazil are on my wish list as well). Do you have stats on salaries in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Also, what types of geologists are most needed in the UAE. I’ve searched for jobs for reference in the UAE and most (obviously) require 5 to 10 years experience while there is very little information on jobs for entry level/recent grads. Thank you very much!

    • Susan Kihn

      Hi Michael Thanks for the feedback. I will certainly have a look and see what I can find on salaries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In terms of what types of geologists are most required in that region, I am not really sure. It would be best to do job searches for the region and try to get some indication as to what positions are going. Otherwise to chat to some of the recruiters that deal with Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I will post some information as soon as I am able to. Regards. Susan.


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