Mine Supervisors and Foremen around the world, play a crucial role in the mining industry, as they are responsible for the supervising and coordinating of the work activities of the mine workers. Mine Supervisors and Foremen would be found in both underground and surface mining operations as well as in quarries.

What do Mine Supervisors and Foremen do?

  • Mine Supervisors and Foremen hold a tremendous amount of responsibility as they will co-ordinate and schedule the activities of workers such as heavy equipment operators, blasters and drillers.
  • They will also be responsible for overseeing the safety of the mining and quarrying operations.
  • They establish methods to meet work schedules and will liaise with technical staff and management with regards to coordinating of activities and problem solving.
  • They are generally involved in the training of workers with regards to job duties, safety and company policies.
  • They are often responsible for the requisition of materials and supplies

What education is required to become a Mine Supervisor or Foreman?

The educational requirements in order to become a Mine Supervisor or Foreman would vary depending on where in the world they are based. However the majority of mining companies worldwide would require the following:

  • A high school diploma
  • A college or university degree or program in mining technology and or engineering.
  • At least 6 years or so related working experience in the occupation you are supervising
  • Related safety and mining certificates

What are the working conditions of Mine Supervisors or Foremen?

Regardless of where in the world they are based, many mines are located in remote locations, which means that many Mine Supervisors and Foremen will spend a lot of time away from home. Depending on where they are based the majority of Mine Supervisors and Foremen will typically spend several days on followed by time off. For those that are based close to town, they may work relatively regular business hours but this is not always the case as many mines are remotely situated.

What are Mine Supervisors or Foremen earning?

Salaries for Mine Foremen and Supervisors will also vary tremendously depending on where in the world they are based, e.g. Salaries in Australia are notoriously higher in mining than other regions, but then so is the cost of living.

According to the results of our salary survey, Mine Foremen and Supervisors can expect to earn the following:


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