Do you have a telephonic interview scheduled for a potential job and have mixed feelings about it? If so, you are not alone, telephonic interviews can be great or a total disaster. Things can go very wrong during telephonic interviews, and dropped calls, background noise and not being prepared can easily put you out of the running for the job of your dreams.

What NOT to do during a telephonic interview

Don’t take the call on speaker phone. Although you may think this is a good idea as it will give you the opportunity to look at your resume or multi task doing some research on the internet at the same time, it is not a good idea, as talking on speaker phone can make it very difficult for the interviewer to hear you properly.

Don’t take the call in a public place. It is essential when conducting a telephonic interview, that you do so in a quiet place where you can focus and not have any interruptions. Also keep in mind when doing a telephonic interview at home that dogs barking, and children having temper tantrums in the background will not go down well either.

Don’t talk too much. Telephonic interviews can be nerve wracking as you are not able to gauge the interviewer’s body language and see how they are reacting towards you. For this reason it’s really important to focus on what you are saying, to ensure you listen carefully to what you are being asked, to answer the question clearly, and then to stop talking. Nerves can play havoc when in an interview, and it’s easy to start rambling and lose focus.

Don’t have call waiting switched on. If you have call waiting on your phone switch it off. The constant beep of an incoming call can be extremely distracting, and make you lose focus as well as being very irritating for the person conducting the interview.

Don’t feel you have to fill in the silences. If you have answered a question, but the interviewer has not started asking the next question, just wait. Don’t feel you have to start rambling on, rather wait for a few seconds and allow the interviewer time to ask the next question.

Don’t interrupt the interviewer. Telephonic interviews can be hard as you cannot see the interviewer which makes it very difficult to judge when they are going to start talking. In order to avoid starting to talk at the same time or interrupting them, rather try to avoid speaking unless you are asked a question or invited to ask questions yourself.

Don’t bring up salary. A telephonic interview is never the time to bring up salary, however than being said, always have your facts at hand with regards to your current salary and your salary expectations, so that in the event for some reason the interviewer does bring up salary you can respond, but make sure the interviewer initiates any conversation around salary, and that you don’t.

Always remember as well that in many cases a telephonic interview is the prelude to other interviews, so don’t be disappointed if at the end of the interview you do not have a job offer.

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