The Presidents of mining companies in Canada have a tremendous amount of responsibility on their plates as they are effectively the person who heads up the organization. Job titles can vary from company to company, and in some companies the President may report into the CEO, in others the Head of the organization may take on the title of President and CEO. The President can also hold the position of COO, whatever title is used; the President is generally the top person in command in an organization, and along with the title goes a huge amount of responsibility. Along with this type of responsibility generally goes the big bucks. So what are Presidents in mining companies in Canada earning in 2015?

InfoMine USA Inc. just released their survey results from the 2015 Canadian Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits survey. This year the executive compensation for Canadian mining companies has been expanded to include 98 companies, in six categories, ranging in asset size of less than CAD5,000,000 to over CAD1,000,000,000, as defined by SEDAR.

The tables show that the president of a Canadian mining company can start with an average starting salary of CAD139,700 at a small company to an average of CAD572,500 at a large mining company. Those salaries are further boosted by share and option based awards, Incentive plan compensation, and other benefits, to range from an average of CAD176,900 to CAD4,394,300.

Annual Base Salary for Canadian Mining Company President in 2014 for Companies in 6 Asset Classes.


Also included in our 131 page compensation report are current hourly wages and benefit packages for 63 Canadian mines and salaries for 47 mines. The Canadian Mine Salaries, Wages, and Benefits 2015 Survey Results and other reports are available to purchase at, or by calling (509) 328-8023. Email ksalzer@infomine with any questions.

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