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Unless a job seeker has lived and worked on a mine site, it is very difficult to understand why recruiters and mining companies tend to place so much emphasis on mining on-site experience when recruiting.

Job seekers can become extremely frustrated when applying for jobs that they feel they have the right qualification and skill set for, only to be turned away and told that they are not suitable for the position as they do not have on-site mining experience.

Living and working on a mine site is not easy and requires a massive lifestyle adjustment, and the reality is that some people are just not suited to it. Hiring a job seeker that has no experience with living on-site, can prove to be a costly, risky exercise if the job seeker is not able to adjust to on-site living.

Having the right qualification, experience and the relevant skill set does not mean that things are going to run smoothly when companies make hiring choices, as there are those that will still choose to leave the job prematurely because they are just not able to adjust to living on a mine site.

The dropout rate for cleanskins in Australia has been reported to be as high as 25% in the first 12 months. Extreme weather conditions, long shifts, being isolated in remote locations, strict rigid routines and regular drug and alcohol monitoring are all factors that some workers are just not able to adjust to.

Although mine site living can sound exciting and glamorous to some, the reality is that being separated from ones family and loved one, working long shifts, and being isolated in remote locations just proves to be too much for some mine workers.

Because of this employers and recruiters are reluctant to hire those who have not experienced on-site living as they are concerned that they will not be able to adjust. There are many workers in mining who love on-site living and are able to handle the adjustment with ease, but for some they just do not adjust.

Safety is also of top concern when it comes to hiring, and vigilant safety measures need to be followed at all times, this is a major concern to mining companies as inexperienced workers can create safety issues if they do not follow safety procedures and regulations properly.

For this reason it’s imperative that job seekers in mining try to gain some experience living on-site early on in their careers in order to see if they are able to adjust to living on-site, and to be able to prove to prospective recruiters and mining companies that they have what it takes to be able to adjust and live on-site.


2 Responses to “Why on-site experience is so important when looking for a job in mining”

  1. Sue

    Thank you for the informative article. What is the biggest challenge that on-site mine workers face?

    • Susan Kihn

      Hi there. Thank you for your question. From the feedback that I have had over the years from those working and living on mine sites, I would say that one of the single biggest challenges that workers have, is the sense of isolation they can feel from their families and friends, whom they do not see for extended periods at a time. This can be especially pronounced around special occasions such as birthdays, and anniversaries. Mines have gone a long way to try to ensure that their workers have some balance in their lives between their personal lives and work, but regardless living on-site does require that workers spend time away from home.


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